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released August 24, 2019

Recorded by Don Farwell at Earwig Studio
Mastered By Levi Seitz at Black Belt Mastering
Album Artwork by Tom Lowell


all rights reserved



The Snubs Seattle, Washington

Seattle Punk Rock N' Roll. est. 2014
NEW LP 2505a.d. OUT NOW!!

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Track Name: 2505a.d.
Dumb the world down for me
i wanna sip lard through a straw and shit where i watch tv
the hole in my vocabulary is getting harder to ignore
nobody here has read a book for years
but at least we don't get bored no more
we did it to ourselves , advertisements under our eyelids
no wonder we feel like we’re overwhelmed
Will we wake from this bad dream ?
Handed over the planet we all took for granted
while we were busy making memes
it's 2505 ( it's starting to feel like)
Like 2505 (the idiocracy is real)
Track Name: Manchild
I am a manchild
i’m an overgrown boy
i got my pretty problems and i’ve got my plastic toys
i walk like an ape, i talk like an ape
i’ve got a dick like a pencil
and a brain like (the size of) a fucking grape
Make way for the man child
I am a man child, i spend my days online
starting petty fights with other pre- adolescent minds
With most females, i don’t get along
they tell me i’m a creep and i explain why they’re wrong
make way for the man child
Track Name: Buyer's Remorse
Sitting in my half-burnt house trailer
mama on her last stolen oxygen tank
(we’ve got )radioactive possum meat to eat
we've got his fragile ego to thank
i thought things were gonna go my way
when my man went to drain the swamp
i didnt’ sign up to be stuck in this wasteland state
with no elites left to taunt
sitting in my deserted forest trying to skewer a squirrel again
plastic inflatable crocodile and wiffleball i named paul
my only friends
i thought things were gonna go my way
when my man went to drain the swamp
i didnt’ sign up to be stuck in this wasteland state
with no elites left to taunt
i’ve got some buyers remorse
Track Name: Bubble Boy
I put a plastic bubble around my body
and i stepped out my front door
Earbuds in and my blinders on
im ready for what’s in store
Bubble Boy
I exist in a fluid of confirmation bias
that’s keeping me feeling good
what i don't believe bounds off my bubble
it’s just all lies in all likelihood
Bubble Boy
The world is a big ol scary place that’s out of my control
but i’m a master of my environment
blocking out bad scenes as they unfold
Track Name: Sasquatch Got A Smartphone
sasquatch got a smartphone
sasquatch got a smartphone and it was his demise
he used to be so mysterious but now he’s hypnotized
he used to be out of site alert and on the go …
but now he's crossing traffic against the light transfixed by the glow
sasquatch got a smartphone and now he is enraged
cause we tracked his ass with a gps and now he’s in a cage
he spends his days in a research lab getting poked at by the man
with a tag around his wrist cause he couldn’t resist an unlimited data plan
sasquatch got caught cause he couldn/t stop looking down
sasquatch you ought to be out there walking around
Track Name: White, Stupid, and Afraid
White Studid and Afraid of every thing and everyone
i’ve got an autographed copy of the donald’s book
on the shelf next to my gun
One Big Ass Mistake America bumper sticker
on the back of my raised up Ford
i aint no fool, my kids are homeschooled ,
i teach the truth about the dinosaurs
So Stupid So Stupid and Afraid
Circulated a petition in my suburb
try to keep a Mosque from coming to town
i keep my eye out for queers in the bathroom
to keep them from keeping this country down
white stupid and afraid of anything i don't believe
climate change? thats just a Chinese hoax
fooling hippies into humping trees
White priveledge? that’s just a made up term
you learned at the university
i worked my ass of carrying everything
that was handed to me
White stupid and Afraid
just trying to hold on
i can feel it all just slipping away
a few more years until its gone
Track Name: Liberal Wimp (I'm A)
Im a liberal Wimp
Don’t like to fuck or fight
so worried about the words i use
i turned the world over to the alt-right
Im a pompous jerk , I'm the fucking worst
i can barely wipe my own ass
fight for the rights of the working man
i learned all about in class
Im a liberal wimp
writing the code
blogging about it until my fingers bleed
analyze it until my head explodes
Im a pompous jerk I'm the fucking worst
i take my cues from each new hash-tag
call you out from behind my computer screen
taking myself so seriously i’m a fucking drag
i just cant seem to convince anyone of my point of view
Track Name: The Idea ( That Having the Idea, Was a Bad Idea Crossed My Mind)
The Idea (that having the idea was a bad idea crossed my mind)
But I Had it Anyway.
Sick thoughts, Weird plots
what’s a thinking mind to do?
day dreams, strange scenes
do you reside in mind or are you passing through?
Track Name: The Snubs ( We Are)
guess who don't give a fuck about you
the snubs
guess who don't care what you do
the snubs
take a guess at who is not impressed
with your lame quest for success
we’re the snubs the ones that you don't think of
we’re the snubs , the ones that you forgot
we’re the snubs , we live without your love
but your love was never what we sought
Track Name: The Problem ( I am)
I think i know what’s going on
i’ve found the source of all that’s wrong
So dumb, so dumb,
I am The Problem
And don’t it make you feel a little bit better that it aint you
Track Name: Bug in A Box
I‘ve got a bug
I’ve got a bug
I’ve got a bug got a bug got a bug in a box
Bug in a box, in the pupa stage
in the garage getting bigger everyday
ate his way out and he’s getting large
put on shades and he stole my car
I’ve got a bug
Track Name: Protect the President From Himself ( I Can't)
I was lucky to land and Assignment with secret service
after my little slip up at the CIA
now there’s a whole lot riding on me doing right this time
i face a credible threat like every day
But you wouldn’t believe who i fear the most
or what i’ve seen under my watchful eye
i’m a few dumb tweets away from ditching my post
i’d rather be a rent-a-cop than take a bullet from this guy 
Ive been up in the tower, every toilet lined with gold
he’d ask i’f I can behead a journalist yet and i’m the only one to tell him no
it’s way worse than you could ever imagine
Abuse of power and wealth
I was employed to protect the president
but i can’t protect him from himself
Protect him Protect him , i can’t .
Track Name: Thoughts and Prayers
my thoughts and prayers are with you
but my actions are not
i wish i could change my position on this
but i’ve already been bought
I am in a bind you see
these campaigns aint cheap
i get a cool couple mil just for downing a bill
im in the gun lobby’s pocket
and i’m in too deep
I got Thoughts i got prayers
thats what i offer to you
i really hope that i can count on your vote
it’s just a shame that there’s noting else that we can do
i aint like these other guys
on the other side of the aisle
believe it when it say it’s a tragedy
but your rights are more important than some innocent lives
i got thoughts i got prayers
it’s what i offer to you
really hope that i can count on your vote
it’s just a shame that there’s nothing else that we can do
i got Thoughts and Prayers
Track Name: Stuck Inside of Lynnwood With the Ballard Blues Again (Priced Out)
now ive got an apartment
under the freeway ,
the landlord says i can be as loud as i want
kicked out of the last cheap place i lived
to make way for another tapas restaurant
close up the art space throw up some condos
need somewhere for these brogrammers to relax
make way for every woke white woman you know
make way for the artisan mustache wax
stuck inside of lynnwood with the ballard blues again (priced out)
Track Name: Information Overload
Got a smartphone, Got a tablet,
got a screen face , got a habit
gotta know it , gotta share it
gotta like it , to show i care
it’s Information overload
Track Name: Midnight at Mara Lago
In what seemed like a life ago
i took a job as a prep chef at Mara Lago
i din’t think too much about it at the time
the campaign was only in about week nine
now i’m in a special position
i hear the goings on from my place in the kitchen
you’d be surprised at all that you can pick up
if you just do your job and keep your mouth shut
i know who’s on the shit-list,
i know who’s gonna get their ass kissed
i have access to their dishes
and wouldn’t you know , i was approached
by a dude in a wig, sunglasses and a trench coat
said he knew my background and that i might be a friend
and insurance policy of this baffoon really wins
lay low so you wont be suspected
and you’ll be contacted when you least expect it
and you know , that’s just what i did
i worked harder even when those other fools quit
now i am the man on the inside
chopping chives and prepping chicken by the guidelines
i have the target in my sights
i have the target in my sights
A little pinch here, a little squeeze there
a little drop of love , stir it in with care

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