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brantly catchy as sin, irreverent, snotty, Buzzcocks on 45 rpm's meets the Marked Men meets Los Angeles punk rock / Dangerhouse Records bands circa 1982....soon to be a 'fuck you' it!
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released June 15, 2016

Recorded & Mixed by Conrad Uno at Egg Studios
Mastered by Adam Gonsalves at Telegraph Audio Mastering


all rights reserved



The Snubs Seattle, Washington

Seattle Punk Rock N' Roll. est. 2014
NEW LP 2505a.d. OUT NOW!!

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Track Name: We Got The Snub
We got the snub
Track Name: Buggin Out (Of Our Minds)
Six feet below in my man made cave 
getting ready for the worst 
teaching my children how to filter their piss
so that we dont die of thirst 
shut the door secure the lock 
booby trapps to kill the neighbors 
if they try to knock 
canned food and sedatives to control the flock 
and when the dust settles baby we'll own the block 
if you gotta choose a kid to check out the scene 
and you dont know how to decide 
pick the one who's going nowhere
Tough luck son, but "mama tried"
practicing the drills ten times a day
you've gotta be quick on the draw 
pull the kids out of school so we can be ready 
thinking too much is a flaw
we're fucking out of our minds 
you bet we're bugging out cause we're living for the end times 
Track Name: The Call (I Have Answered)
Down in the basement of my parents house 
playing first person shooter games 
I have answered the call! 
with my headset on calling all my opponents 
fucking idiotic racist names 
i have answered the call!
living on gas station pills, 
candy bars and energy drinks 
i have answered the call ! 
i only get up to move when i gotta shit or go to work 
this room fucking stinks
i have answered the call! 
I can't communicate no more, 
people in person are a fucking chore 
i love mail order and connivence stores 
i masturbate until ive got sores
I get no respect in my real field 
i feel like an insect on a windshield
Track Name: Washed Up DIYing Fish (F.U.P.O.S)
I am loser, i'm a fucked up piece of shit 
in a small pond i'm a washed up dying fish 
holding on to my dreams of being "on the list" 
a bottom feeder, nobody knows that i exist 
and when you ask why, i'm at a loss for words
i see them pass by , with everything i thought i deserved
Im a user, Im a name dropping piece of shit 
In a small pond I cast my line and I make my wish
Holding on to my dreams of being on the list 
A shit eater, so many asses to be kissed 
And when you ask why,  Im at a loss for words
You see my sad eyes, longing to get ahead of the herd 
And I just can't help myself 
Too concerned about keeping up with everybody else 
Track Name: Beach Bum (I'm A)
Im a beach bum baby, that’s what i am 
i got my malt liquor in a brown paper sack 
and an ass crack full of sand 
im a beach bum baby that’s how i live 
with my head in outer space and across my face
all the creepy ass looks i give 
im a beach bum baby i smoke what i can 
under the boardwalk my crew all flock to
The beach bum bongo jam 
im a beach bum baby shootin up in the caves 
it's been so long since it all went wrong 
but at least ive got the waves 
way o way o waves. 
way o way o way o waves. 
Beach Bum ! 
Track Name: How I Got A Job In Hollywood
All alone in my studio apartment
I pace around in the moon-lit darkness
a long way from my home in Iowa City
i thought i'd be surrounded by the rich and the pretty
but i'm lonely and broke and feeling so shitty 
til my life was transformed by a tabloid clipping 
Now i got a map to celebrity homes 
through your star-studded refuse i comb 
now i've got your used condoms and tampons on ebay 
taking pictures through your window for anybody who will pay 
i make a living off the things that you throw away 
you better burn the bandages from when you lifted your face 
burn the bandages from when you lifted your face 
I'm watching , i'm watching you 
pay attention to the things you do 
I found meaning, i found purpose 
glamorizing the totally worthless
Track Name: Dump Run (I'm Going On A)
I'm gonna go on a dump run (dump run ! dump run!) 
Lighten my load and have a little fun (dump run !dump run!) 
Jumping up and down on an old used couch (dump run! dump run!) 
found a bloody knife in an old leather pouch (dump run! dump run!) 
Dumping trash , discovering treasure 
can it be sold or salvaged? that is the measure 
Do you wanna see how the other half lives? 
See the offerings to the garbage gods they give! 
Going on a dump run, going on a dump run! 
Track Name: Busboy (I'd Rather Be A)
I've got a high stress job with the company 
i'm a cubicle champion ( rather be a busboy) 
Migraines , neckties and casual fridays 
under artificial suns 
Twenty one years of blood sweat and tears 
and i never moved up the chain 
too tired to dream i'm gonna ditch this scene 
before another good brain goes lame 
and I, oh I oh I ...would rather be a busboy 
I got a job picking up plates 
with my grey plastic tub ( now he is a busboy) 
i make minimum wage and i dream all day 
about all of the things i love 
some times it sucks picking up shit 
walking home and kicking rocks 
but the waiters kiss ass, the cooks get hot, 
i'm on the back dock smokin pot !
cause Now i am a busboy !
Track Name: Total Asshole
You're a total asshole such a total asshole
so unaware you are an asshole 
total asshole everything's a hassle
you just dont care if you're an asshole 
just an asshole . total asshole 
No one wants you around 
You're just a fucking clown bringing everybody down 
Track Name: Dickhead Neighbor
im a dickhead neighbor i aint got no respect 
my nose-hairs in your affairs 
fuck the boundaries that you expect 
im a dickhead neighbor i went through your mailbox 
i took your netflix just to be a prick
I got ten broken down cars on blocks
i am a dickhead neighbor -there ain't much that you can do
i am a dickhead neighbor -and I don't give a fuck about you
im a dickhead neighbor i play my music loud
white boy reggae in the backyard baby
brings the college freshman crowd
im a dickhead neighbor i party all night long 
you can call the landlord if you want motherfucker
but he's passed out on my lawn 
i am a dick head neighbor ain't much that you can do 
im a dickhead neighbor -and I don't give a fuck about you 
i am a dickhead neighbor
Gonna let my dog shit all over your grass
I am a dickhead neighbor
You gotta with the property line
You can kiss my ass 
Track Name: Growing A Tail (True Tale Of A SWM)
Just another dumb straight white male 
life in the suburbs was getting stale 
a Mexican pharmacy sent me pills in the mail 
and now i'm gonna go and grow a tail 
im a straight white male growing a tail 
Tell me, can you feel my pain? 
i'm a straight white male and now i've got a tail 
and that's my claim to fame 
Sometimes i hang out upside down 
other times i feel im being followed around 
i cut some holes in my pants to let it all out 
and when i shake my ass i can whip it about 
I got a tail , i got a tail 
Track Name: Fake Mustache
I got myself a little fake I.d.
I bought down in Chinatown
My disguise was almost complete 
But before I make the rounds
I wanna go to parties
I wanna drive a Camaro 
I wanna coach the team
And wear camouflage apparel 
So I got myself a little fake mustache 
Made from camel fur 
Spirit gum giving my lip a rash 
But I get what I deserve 
Cause now I can go to parties 
Now I can drive a Camaro
Now I can coach the team
And wear camouflage apparel 
I couldn't do it by myself 
So I had to get a little help (fake mustache)
Track Name: My "Punk Rock" Parents Raised A Republican Kid
Mama was a mongoloid
Daddy was a deadbeat drunk
I was raised in the basement 
In the filth of fifteen Punks
Daddy dumpstered some Legos 
I built my fort from PBR cans 
Mamma was a homeschool teacher 
So I wasn't lied to by the man 
The doctrine was creativity 
They said do what you wanna do be who you wanna be 
True sounds of liberty 
Do what you wanna do be who you wanna be 
No accountability 
Do what you wanna do be who you wanna be 
It's not our responsibility 
To shepherd more sheep into this silly society 
I escaped to college far from home 
Where everybody was not so cool 
I developed some ideas of my own 
That I carried right out of school 
Now I see through these welfare cheats 
And the immigrants who stole the jobs 
They're all in cahoots with the gays getting married 
And all these other godless slobs 
So I took your advice mom and dad, 
I do what I wanna do be who I wanna be 
I don't want anything you want for me 
I wanna have money power and a life of luxury 
Don't expect a hand out from me, 
You can't park your trailer on the side of my property 
I am your legacy , I rebelled just like you taught me 
Now my heroes are Ronnie and Nancy 
Not Nancy and Sid 
Cause my punk rock parents 
Raised a republican , raised a republic kid 
Now my heroes are the grand ole party 
Not some hippies living off the grid 
Cause my punk rock parents 
Raised a republican , raised a republican kid 
Track Name: Lord Of The Hoarders
I was the lord of the hoarders 
Until I was buried alive 
And now under ten tons 
Of trash is where I reside 
Mama said you gotta throw it away 
But I was trying to start a collection 
Gonna be worth a lot someday 
You'll read about me in the business section 
Lord of the hoarders
Until I was buried alive
Now under ten tons 
Of trash is where I reside
Daddy said you gotta throw it away 
But I was trying to reuse and recycle 
We're gonna save the earth someday
Until then we wade in up to our eyeballs
Lord of the hoarders
Dirty clothes in the kitchen piled up to the ceiling
Lord of the hoarders
Put a piece on the pile , oh what a feeling !
Track Name: We Suck At Partying Now
I used to rip it up and down while painting the town
Cause partying was totally rad
Puke on your shoes , sleep in your bushes
I ain't got no cash for cabs 
Six tall cans and a whiskey shot 
I'd swear I was the champ 
We're all still awake when the sun comes up
My pants are fucking damp 
Weren't those the days? 
It's 10 pm on a Friday night 
I got my night -slacks on 
Double fisting a real good book 
Can't wait to wake at dawn 
Coffee Is my speed of choice 
I feel it fuels me from within 
If you don't see me down at the bar tonight
Don't wonder where I've been 
We suck at partying now 
Turn out the lights, the party's over 

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